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    asked 2 years ago

    We're excited to announce the release of a major update adding a much needed portal to get help with HaasScripts. Whether you need help with your script or want to have one developed for you, Ask a Pro.

    If you were active within the past year you received 500 to 5,000 credits depending on activity. You can now also tip your favorite scripter or commentor with HaasScript credits.

    At this point in time each credit has a value of $0.01 which will be redeemable within the HaasOnline eco-system. These credits are not Ethereum or other based tokens of any kind, simply site credits.

    If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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    Surely this is too simple a question to ask a solution for - please try to think of something a little more challenging next time - but I am always happy to accept credits for this. It is, of course, very simple to print 'Hello World' in the HTS with a simple function without using a single indicator, safety, insurance (nor with need to use EnableHighSpeedUpdates() (although this is optional ) - I'm not sure that will run correctly on Binance Futures, but you could always try from your own application, although you are probably more likely to become a squillionaire on the credits that this will undoubtedly earn, rather than trading with it it, at least in current market conditions !!!

    local hello_world = {}
    local name = 'Haas aficianados of the World'
    function hello_world.hello(name)
    if not name or name == '' then
    name = 'world'
    return 'Hello, ' .. name .. '!'

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