I’m trying to port Lazy Bear Hawk Eye Volume indicator into the Haasscript, calculations are good but have offset while Plotting

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    asked 10 months ago

    I'm trying to port Lazy Bear Hawk Eye Volume indicator into the HaasScript, calculations and sequence of bar color are good but have offset while Plotting by 1 bar backwards, is anybody knows how to fix that ?

    -- Define command parameters. local chartIndex = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'chartIndex', 'The index on which to chart', true, 1, 'Number') local name = DefineParameter(StringType, 'name', 'Unique name of the indicator.', true, '', 'Text') local interval = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'interval', 'Used interval for price data. Default is 0 and the main interval will be used.', true, 0, 'Number,InputInterval') DefineIntervalOptimization(interval) --Define inputs local length = Input('SMA Length', 200) local HV_ma = Input('HV_ma', 20) local divisor = Input('Divisor',3.6) local high = HighPrices() local low = LowPrices() local range = high - low local rangeAvg = SMA(range,length) local volume = GetVolume() local close = ClosePrices() local sma = SMA(volume, HV_ma) local volumeA = SMA(volume, length) --Calculations local high1 = high[2] local low1 = low[2] --local high1 = HighPrices()[2] --local low1 = LowPrices()[2] local mid1 = (high1+low1)/2 local u1 = mid1 + (high1-low1)/divisor local d1 = mid1 - (high1-low1)/divisor local r_enabled1 = (range > rangeAvg) and (close volumeA local r_enabled2 = close mid1 local g_enabled2 = (range > rangeAvg) and (close > u1) and (volume > volumeA) local g_enabled3 = (high > high1) and (range < rangeAvg/1.5) and (volume < volumeA) local g_enabled4 = (low < low1) and (range volumeA) local g_enabled = g_enabled1 or g_enabled2 or g_enabled3 or g_enabled4 local gr_enabled1 = (range > rangeAvg) and (close > d1) and (close volumeA) and (volume volume[2]) local gr_enabled2 = (range < rangeAvg/1.5) and (volume d1) and (close < u1) local gr_enabled = gr_enabled1 or gr_enabled2 or gr_enabled3 --Bar Color local v_color = gr_enabled and Gray or g_enabled and Green or r_enabled and Red or Blue --Plotting CC_PlotVarColor(chartIndex, "Volume", volume, v_color, "Bars") Plot(chartIndex, "SMA", sma, LineOptions({color=Orange, width=2}))

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    Hi there!

    First of all, thanks for the script. This showed us that the parsing of code doesn't work properly... Case reported though. ;)

    Secondly, I don't think there is a problem with your calculations related to HawkEye, but in the CC you are using to plot with variable colors. I think it is changing the color 1 bar too soon, so you gotta figure out another way to do it (or contact the maker of that CC for further assistance).


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    Ok, so I've found an issue. It was in CC_PlotVarColor command, I updated it slightly and now it's work correctly, thanks !)

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