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    asked 2 years ago

    Hi, I'm little noob but I'd like to have a new bot done. the main features of the bot should be the following:

    It's a sort of order bot but I want to set a price X, if the coin cross X upwards, the bot open a long leverage position. if the price goes down the bot closes the long position and open a short position. the bot keeps on doing this until there's a take profit of n% and in case of take profit it enables a trailing take profit.

    I have no idea how I can make it. Please can anybody help?


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    Have you checked out the updated versions of my Order Bot?
    It is now able to manage hedging properly without issues.

    You would have to set all entries and exits manually the way you described, but I will not doubt this bot can manage all that!


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    Thank you I'll have a look at it.

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