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    Hello, does anyone know how I can configure Haas to operate with multiple currencies in Hassbot? And if this is possible? Or do you have a simultaneous coin limitation?

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    Hi there!

    It is indeed possible to trade multiple positions, markets (currencies) and accounts in HaasScript. For this however, you will need to get yourself familiar with the Unmanaged Trading commands.

    In those PlaceBuyOrder etc commands, to place an order to a specific market you will have to define the market and positionId parameters.

    local alt_market = CreateMarket('XTZ', 'BTC') local alt_pid = Load('alt_pid', NewGuid()) PlaceBuyOrder(price, amount, market, {positionId = alt_pid})

    Also keep in mind, that you will need to get the correct prices for each market you place trades on - and it's not a bad idea to calculate the proper trade amounts either. If your base currency is BTC for example, you can calculate the BTC based trade amount as so:

    local btc_amount = 0.05 local alt_market = CreateMarket('XRP', 'BTC') local alt_price = ClosePrices({market = alt_market}) local trade_amount = btc_amount / market_price

    Hope this helps!

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    Im guessing question is, if one bot can work with multiple markets?
    Short answer yes and long answer too :) in scripted versions of HTS

    Each bot (on Cloud version v4) is limited to 10 markets to my knowledge, so it can normaly with with up to 10 markets.

    Programming scripts to work with more then single market, takes some understanding of Haasscript and can be done utilizing unmanaged trading commands.

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    Hey there...

    Could you rephrase your answer maybe?
    I am not sure if I got you right.
    Most available bots are designed to work with two coins (base and quote).
    So if you take the mad hatter bot: you can set up bot 1 on BTC/USDT and bot 2 on ETH/BTC and Bot 3 on LUNA/BUSD for example.
    In this scenario you are limited by the plan you paid for.

    Beginner: 10 bots
    simple: 20 bots
    advanced: unlimited

    In addition to that there are bots like the Advanced Index bot that can trade multiple currencies at one (quote) and a single base currency...

    Does that answer your question?

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