REKT by FTX… need help to rewrite Quant Zone Rules -> Haasscript

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    asked 2 years ago

    Heya guys! I got rekt by FTX and lost a few 100k, so most money is gone...
    but i had a few very successful strategys running on FTX's quant zone. now im looking for a replacement algo trading product to make it all back.

    if someone could help me by writing down this basic script:

    1. choose x longs and x shorts + position size:
    2. all few sec buy/sell to rebalance position back to target size.

    if anyone could write this in haas for me id be very very thankful!

    a Screenshot of the target setup and the code written in FTX's Quant Zone language can be found here:

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    Maybe choose a better way to display the screenshot and text like Google Doc or imgur

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