Ask a Pro, HaasScript Credits, Tipping, and more!


It’s been a while since our last update and it’s a big one. Let’s take a look at some of the changes…

Ask a Pro

This new feature allows you to ask questions to the community using a format similar to the almighty StackExchange by sourcing multiple answers from the community and highlighting the best answer. 

You can even bounty your question(s), incentivizing a higher quality response. Whomever is selected as the best answer will receive your question’s bounty reward.

What are HaasScript credits? Well they’re site credits (not Ethereum or other blockchain based tokens) that are redeemable in the HaasOnline ecosystem from merch to subscriptions.

HaasScript Credits

You can purchase HaasScript Credits in three different quantities 500, 1000, or 5000. Each credit currently has a monetary value of $0.01 USD. 

You can use these credits to bounty questions and tip other members of the community. We are working to make these credits accessible in other HaasOnline products like TradeServer Cloud. They are currently not redeemable for Bitcoin or any other currency. 


If you posted a script or commented in the past year—you received HaasScript Credits. You can now tip your favorite script author or community member helping to keep scripts updated.

Script Updates

When you compose your HaasScript submission it will automatically undergo an originality score by being compared against all the existing HaasScripts in the database. A more unique script will generate a higher originality score, if it’s a close copy of another HaasScript it will rate lower.

We’ve also begun recommending tags based on the content of your HaasScript submission. This helps to categorize and catalog scripts making them easier to find.

A couple other automated features we’ve added are script dependencies and related author scripts. If the HaasScript (non-visual) has custom commands listed in the source code we will do our best to automatically catalog and link to those scripts. In order to promote scripts created by developers, we’ve added a related scripts section that is automatically generated based on similar scripts.