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      So Is this one still doing well guys? (yes chose for a stock commands bot so everything would work and it would not need six or more custom commands…cool stuff but then you better ask or also find my server on discord where I can post everything in one gist or channel . And help you through the many imports of commands and script…

      (my Ichi pretty much always did the job on it’s own, only added overcome fees and there be profits….)
      -I might give this another go myself and see where it takes me..

      Are you guys bored / hungry for inspiration…

      I might need to publish something else?? ^_^

      By the way Id advise you guys to try grow and shrink mods for ProfitTrailer, grow and 1 or 2 rebounds can be great for long uptrends…..shrink to do the opposite

      But it’s really good to know how the growing (and shrinking calculation works as it is related to both trailStartPrc and trailDistPrc.

      Using a trailStartPrc of 12 (half of my standard 24%)and a trailDistPrc of 5 (never mind if you use stuff in front of it that drops it into trailing at 40% and it can drop down to 12…(or start trailing if its a reduced * 0.5 TP)
      yes yes TLDR:
      I wasn’t getting any 200% ROI closes anymore ?? WHY????
      this is why:

      trailMode == “grow”
      multiplier = trailDistPrc / trailStartPrc. my settings: trailDistPrc: 5 / trailStartPrc: 12 = multiplier is 41.67…
      newDist = multiplier * highestRoi newDist= highestROI lets assume my ROI just dropped down to 120% and have rebounds on, (each rebound records previous high and uses new Dist…
      trailStop = 120 – 41.67. (new)trailStop = 78.33% ! on a 120% profit position…!!! Why\oO/_u NOOOOoooo……! wonder I was not closing the 180-230%_ers anymore… and only 40-60%….
      trailStop = highestRoi – newDist

      trailMode == “shrink”
      multiplier = trailDistPrc * trailStartPrc
      newDist = multiplier / highestRoi
      trailStop = highestRoi – newDist. So now have my start at 16 and distance at 2% and gives a multiplier of 0.125 which on a 120(%ROI( gives a new trailStop of 15%… much better……..

      Happy Trailing…
      (P.s.ssst: you could just modify the trail stop calculation so you don’t need a big startperc ( by adding a (0.3 * trailDistPrc) to the calculation in Script Editor where you can edit ProfitTrailer..and get the same multiplier and result)

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      chart and backtest..

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      Gandalf, detection / tracker..mmm that would be fun…

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      Oh cool,
      SAR is high on my list…
      Did you use the extended version of SAR?

      Looking at this bot two things stand out to me:
      This bot is a stripped of all custom commands version of an original setup by Seaside420:
      And a variation on this he shared with me using 2 double delayed HMA crossings

      Hull MA is missing here entirely as it’s also a CC_, but due to them not being there it makes for interesting inspiration when I look at this again..
      Curious when looking at VolRSI and CCI how one of his recent creations would fair:
      Or a RSI+ROC+CMO type blend…..

      I would love to see what you made from this. (DM me on Discord and will send you cc versions)

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