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      Nice one again..!

      You say manually set to buy, short exit … As I was wrestling with delaying only a buy signal and got my wires crossed after a while ;p

      Was curious how you plan on diong this..
      I know a few ways, but not a lot of intuitive shortcuts as the signal helpers lack a bit in the suggestions and was about to dive right into this.. later…when my cursor doesn’t get delayed for 2 minutes etc:D
      InputSignalManagement is one, but that creates multiple large input fields, one per indicator, overkill if you only want to enable one signal…maybe try UseSignalIf or Signal Properties/Options?
      come to think of it Id like to make a reduced to essentials cc for InputSignalManagement, perhaps one assignable to multiple inputs… that would be neat n tidy..

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      Hey that CC_HullMA you used from me has a peculiar little oversight it used OverUnder instead of CrossOverUnder so I updated the linked cc to a version with plots shapes example of the pros and cons of both: https://www.haasscripts.com/t/kob-edit-update-example-plot-between-the-lines-uses-for-overunder-instead-of-crossoverunder/
      Can turn to Tradebot by removing command attributes.
      And updated the other one https://www.haasscripts.com/t/kob-hullma1-2-3/

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      Oh by the way those position containers attached to positionId do absolutely nothing…

      And the price move I’m not sure the generic added keys do much too if not used elsewhere and was seeing the percentage price change did the opposite of what I intended them to do, so working on something for that too..

      I already deleted around 500 scripts cleaning my library, this was without opening, it needs to be done so trim it fast and rough ๐Ÿ˜‰
      But left some VE TradeBots to share here and there when its any good, as this here has many beginner assumptions, that are adjusted by now and try to correct things that were left unnoticed for too tong..

      Happy trading!

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      Hey nice job there man..

      Just wanted to chime in my 2 satoshi’s your statement “There is no way to predict upside potential. Hence shorting is inherently more dangerous than longing and should not be done without a stop loss and a cooldown period.”
      Besides that in a predominant bull market all shorts seem risky:
      Are you looking at this from a USDT (Linear) Features perspective? here I agree the stable funds as margin and opening a long position is cheaper on USDT and here both directions compliment well in a hedge.

      On COIN marginated Inverse Perpetual trade contracts backed by coin it is the inverse or total opposite.. As a rule I try not to have long positions there (a hedge perhaps but still might find other ways to deal with things. Because if it goes against you your position is losing in negative uPNL and your maintenance margin requirements get a squeeze too
      when your leveraged BTC, ETH etc together with your positions increasing requirements while your account equity is decreasing because your collateral coin is dropping in value.
      How I got rekt a few too many times in bear market not getting this little mechanism..

      On the other hand shorts are relatively low risk, because when you’re wrong on an inverse Short the value of your account goes up, really should be manageable with position sizing and starting small.. Got to get back to my short script was ‘doodling’ a bit and now it trades 5x the amounts ๐Ÿ™‚

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      I think this could be a great enhancement to include in Profit Trailer (when it keeps falling below Trailing start you can set these rebounds to exit…
      What I’m still curious and am looking into scaling to properly scale up and back down the Start triggers need a growth model to scale from so was thinking
      monitor the % distance it is making then output this and trail the trailings if that makes sense positions performance in-decrease triggers a scaled to match response factoring in the recent HL spikes to perhaps counter a negative one against a SL with a 5-9 minute timer so flash wicks are skipped…

      But back to it….. the main conclusion : It needs to be adaptive.
      โ€‹geared towards protecting profits TSSL system so it can grow to manage a big often quick trend

      Starting with a 6% trail start and 2-3 percent is not optimal for when you enter it will still get you either little action or still get you out early…on BNB, BUSD these are 1 minute low liquidity events and like Benji our ninja would say Catching da noise here starts at 1% but more often multiples of 1.4, 3, 6, 8 nibbling at the BNB’s but that’s consolidation noise not a trend….. these go >100%
      When the bulls are back….lol

      TLDR: will experiment with this

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      Yeah it’s been part of it VERY HAPPY to have managed to avoid REKTS (without stops), I like how you approach that long, indeed 0 is the way to calculate max risk ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have also thought …. [kob remembers…(and yesterday saw my whale sniper confirm the idea is solid
      A whale bought 900k of ONE/USDT on spot and sold/opened a 99k short on Binance-Futures for ONE/USDT (nifty as I was not happy to enter, this way solves all risk /doubt)
      That short he will likely add to average when uptrend is finished and he sold part of his spot position…
      about When you have or are building a long position on Spot say a $5000 amount in USDT of.coin open a Short Bot for $100 at 50x and have your haasbot trade the next leverage bracket, this is ideal if you buy a falling coin with a grid or to hedge account, but that is less clear..
      key is to have sufficient balance so your bot might be allowed to spend max leverage bracket, and if you find it messed up a few averaging orders at some key levels it may fill and waiting is enough, definitely not perfect, a hedge that makes profit at a higher rate than this is dropping was one:
      In my early (very costly in the end) sessions on Deribit: market splash multiples of 1000 contracts I would when a small position reversed down in a relatively sideways market where you could use Bollinger Bands to see this immediately open 3x o4x the size on opposite direction.. This would catch up and surpass the losses the dropping position (left untouched)

      When I’d notice that winning 4x size was exhausting and reversal eminent, close the big ‘Degen Splash Hedge’ for good profit.
      And like it makes sense add 3x the size to the now -400 ROI or so long position to get it close to its break even level in one quick order, might have added some here and there it was at a brief phase where I thought market orders were handy ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But it works unless you encounter a monster trend then you simply drop the initial recouped loser position.

      I also tried the passive set maker orders for rebate or no orders at all to increase the loser, eventually it gets in range and if funding is favorable etc all things to ponder, re-think (for me)
      I’m gathering info, parts and am eager to do a new SMMB

      Looking up the whale trade, it appears more sinister, first Whale (assuming it is one person as it is within minutes in sequence) buys large amounts to move and create momentum from traders following ‘gainers’. he ends up opening a digit bigger Short ๐Ÿ™‚Whale at work

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      You are missing the command, i suggest you install this version (as a command)
      rename VPM to CC_VPM_HS() in script

      And this is the link to the table mod from Strooth https://www.haasscripts.com/t/ortchimod-table-mod-working-backtesting/
      No errors here so far…

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      This: ERROR: Missing DefineCommand()
      Tells me you created a
      Command instead of a script to import a (scripted) Haasbot.

      This all can be a bit overwhelming at first..
      Let me try and explain it so it makes sense and will stick..

      You can look at a script as a ‘Project’ either a work in progess or a complete bot..
      Like this is a ready Haasbot made in Virtual Editor.

      This includes trade logic indicators and every part is a command even the most basic, part..
      This bot is made in VE with default commands, so it works without that custom dependency)
      You can also find many Custom Commands published here..

      [Bunka published some indicators ported some from Pine script, very intricate works of art…
      It’s inspirational and a challenge when we all still use the same tools…..]

      So you could see scripts as ‘arrangements of commands’..

      Commands are parts: a Virtial Editor block….. in Script Editor. a command will be suggested as you type, each category has a specific color. (like the connectors in VE)

      A script often includes multiple commands, here in a Haasbot/tradebot setup these are ready to use Easy Indicators, safeties and Insurances…
      But. ..usualy..not the other way around….

      Hope this helps…

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      DM me if you still need help.

      Will be updating and improving both the VE and SE versions

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