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      chart and backtest..

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      Gandalf, detection / tracker..mmm that would be fun…

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      Oh cool,
      SAR is high on my list…
      Did you use the extended version of SAR?

      Looking at this bot two things stand out to me:
      This bot is a stripped of all custom commands version of an original setup by Seaside420:
      And a variation on this he shared with me using 2 double delayed HMA crossings

      Hull MA is missing here entirely as it’s also a CC_, but due to them not being there it makes for interesting inspiration when I look at this again..
      Curious when looking at VolRSI and CCI how one of his recent creations would fair:
      Or a RSI+ROC+CMO type blend…..

      I would love to see what you made from this. (DM me on Discord and will send you cc versions)

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