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About BitMEX

BitMEX is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to leveraged crypto trading exchanges. This could be attributed to their often controversial and flamboyant CEO, Aurthur Hayes. However, BitMEX is a serious platform where traders can use large amounts of leverage to make massive profits or lessons learned.

Traders who rely on BitMEX as a staple in their trading strategy are there because they're one of the few platforms to offer up-to 100x leverage. Using leverage can exponentially increase your trading profitability, however this increased exposure to risk should be taken into account while trading with leverage.

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  • Earn Up to 200 BMEX Tokens

    Valid 01-02-2023 — 31-03-2023

    15 BMEX @ $20,000, 25 BMEX @ $50,000, 50 BMEX@ $200,000, 100 BMEX @ $400,000, 200 BMEX @ $600,000 in monthly derivatives volume

  • Earn Up to 2,000 $BMEX Tokens Exclusive

    Valid 01-06-2023 — 31-07-2023

    Fire up your trade bots and earn up to 2,000 $BMEX, $BTC, free subscriptions, and more.

  • Earn Up to $100,000 USDT Exclusive

    Valid 29-05-2024 — 30-06-2024

    Fire up your trade bots and earn up to $100,000 USDT, BitMEX VIP, free subscriptions, and more.

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    Expires June 30, 2024