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About Coinbase

One could argue that Coinbase (formerly GDAX) is one of the major players who were responsible for growing millions of new U.S. customers interest in Bitcoin and the surrounding crypto ecosystem. Coinbase was founded in 2012 by Brain Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in the San Francisco area. To date they’ve received over two-hundred million dollars from major investment firms, like Andreessen Horowitz, which have ensured their longevity through multiple crypto winters.

Coinbase offers great liquidity for multiple fiat pairs like BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and ETH/EUR. Coinbase bot traders benefit from market liquidity because it increases the probability that the highest price a buyer will pay and the lowest price a seller will accept move closer together, creating a tighter bid-offer spread. Although they recently made changes to their fee structure, Coinbase still has some of the most competitive fees for traders above the ten-thousand dollar volume — making this a great platform for your Coinbase trade bots.

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