Anti-Volume Stop-Loss (AVSL)

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  • Experimental AVSL Stop-Loss Script
    This script implements an experimental Anti-Volume Stop-Loss (AVSL) mechanism using Anti-Volume logic with Volume Price Confirmation Indicator (VPCI) and Bollinger Bands.

    Key Features:
    VPCI Calculation: Utilizes VWHMA (Volume-Weighted Hull Moving Average) and HMA (Hull Moving Average) for volume and price confirmation.
    Dynamic Stop-Loss Adjustment: Calculates stop-loss levels dynamically based on VPCI, Volume Price Ratio (VPR), and a multiplier factor.
    Z-score Analysis: Includes a Z-score calculation for detecting price anomalies and highlights crossovers.
    Signal Generation: Generates long and short signals based on VPCI and Z-score conditions.
    Plotting: Visualizes VPCI, Bollinger Bands, Z-score, and AVSL as dots on the chart.
    Signals: The script generates long and short trading signals based on overbought and oversold conditions.
    Stop-Loss: The stop-loss is dynamically adjusted based on AVSL, ensuring a responsive risk management strategy.

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