Basic “All-In” Spot Bot for Back Testing (Beginner)

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  • Beginner Level Bot

    This is a more verbose version of the TRADE_BOT_CONTAINER with the ability to trade with your entire base pair balance (All In) and some plotting to show the Profit/Loss on each trade. I use this to run back tests on a pairing while swapping out the indicators until I find the most profitable one in its default settings. I will then “Save As” the name of that pair and then dial it in further.

    To import, go to WEB EDITOR and click the “+” to create a new VISUAL SCRIPT bot and give it a name. Sign in and copy the script below, then click the IMPPORT ICON and paste the contents. Click SAVE and you will have an exact copy of the Visual Script in the preview window.

    Feel free to comment or reach out to me for further instructions, assistance, or corrections. I’m new to v4 but I will do my best to help.

    HaasScript Code
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