BitcoinFib30- Fibonacci,Williams R%, Super Saf –

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  • Going through some old scripts doing a bit of clean up. I stumbled upon this old script I compiled very long ago. To be honest I think it was one of the first experiments I have conducted on Haas. To my utter surprise it has outdone BTC price movement in the past 4 weeks. Does not seem to work with alts only with the BTC-USD set.

    The settings I have backtested for are:

    Main Interval 30 Minutes

    Williams R% Interval 30 minutes

    EasyWillR period lenght 13

    Stop loss at 10% with growth set at 3%

    (Refer to screenshot for all items)

    The remaining settings are already in script.

    4 weeks backtest with leverage 1x on the 05/04/2022
    Profit: 33.6983%
    Buy & Hold : 19.56%

    PS: Most of the insurances are useless and can be removed. I didnt bother removing it as I am currently running the script and it presents no bother. But if compute resources are limited and for a more clean script, I would recomend removing them on visual script.

    HaasScript Code
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    • #3441

      i’m very new to this all.
      Could someone please tell me how i can import this into the web editor and backtest this?
      I tried to paste the compiled code , but it dosnt work. Must this be decompiled?
      What tools i need for that?
      Sorry, if that sounds stupid, but i tried around some hours snd didnt came to a result.



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