[CMD] Position Sync with Exchange

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  • A custom command you can easily add to any script to sync open positions with exchange on start for example.

    Tested working with Binance, not sure about others.

    Simple Usage – give the command the position Id’s for the positions you want to sync and save the id’s, done.

    local shortPosId = Load('shortPosId', NewGuid())
    local longPosId = Load('longPosId', NewGuid())
    if Load('syncdone', true) then
    CC_SyncPositions(true, shortPosId, longPosId)
    Save('syncdone', false)
    Save('shortPosId', shortPosId)
    Save('longPosId', longPosId)

    HaasScript Code
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      this is great, Can it modify to work with hedge mode? so it can sync with SMM

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