[cmd] Bill Williams Smoothed Moving Average SMA (SMMA)

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  • Bill Williams Smoothed Moving Average SMA (SMMA)
    Often used for its smoothing properties

    (I’m truly flattered that after I published this for what it really shines as a Moving Average:
    SmMA is now gaining momentum as a trendy Moving Average after Kraken was first to add it (together with z-score, good busy kraken…;])
    Now most exchange TradingView widgets offer it as SMA (it seems they finally got SMMA right lets see if they remembered to update their Alligator approximation from SMA to SMAA 😉
    Beginning to LOVE SMA and am making Guppy style bands with it already like SMA over MA and EMA most of the times)

    Used in my coming Soon… ™ True Williams Alligator (with Timeframe Multiplier)

    SmoothMoneyFlow: https://www.haasscripts.com/t/kobalt-smooth-money-flow/

    credits: I probably wouldn’t have done it without pshai who was kind enough to made the SMMA function..:)

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