[DMcL] Nadaraya-Watson Kernel

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  • Adapted from jdehorty on tradingview.
    Nadaraya-Watson Kernel in dark green
    Find it works on longer timeframes, 6 Hour etc.
    Added an EMA filter (in aqua), to only take longs in uptrend, shorts downtrend

    Once you have saved the command, this is an example of a script to trade from its signals:

    local alpha = Input('Alpha', 2)
    local r = Input('Relative Weighting', 8)
    local h = Input('Lookback Window', 8)
    local x_0 = Input("Start Regression at Bar", 25)
    local emaFilter = Input('Use EMA Filter', false)
    local emaLength = Input('EMA Length', 200)
    local nwk = CC_Nadaraya_Watson_Kernel(alpha, r, h, x_0, emaFilter, emaLength)
    if nwk == SignalLong then
    if nwk == SignalShort then
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