[EXPERIMENTAL] [pshaiProto] Keltner Grid Bot (KGB)

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  • EXPERIMENTAL prototype of yet another grid bot, utilizing Keltner Channels but this time, the orders are not place beforehand!
    Instead, bot checks the price against the KC upper and lower bands and places an order when these bands are breached.
    This bot runs shorts and longs simultaneously, but still has take-profit in-place, similarly as the FBI has.

    Main interval setting will work as the interval for all data this bot processes, so make sure you have set it up correctly as you wish.

    Bot has no input parameters, are all hard-coded in the script. Please feel free to fiddle with it and make improvements/expose settings.

    Happy profit-hunting!

    Disclaimer: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. It is not advised to run this experimental prototype with live accounts!

    HaasScript Code
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