[EXPERIMENTAL][pshaiBot] Simple Market Maker (leverage – Binance) ORtchimod – Option Safety optimised

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  • Many thanks for the basics and ideas from PSHAI and smokyho! Without you, the script would not have been created!

    I have been trying to put my ideas into the script over the last few months and it has grown and grown. You can see the result here.
    It is far from finished, but you are welcome to test it in paper mode. The real tests are going well. Please use it only if you understand the options!

    I have the following extensions to PShai’s and smokyho’s stuff:

    – 3 different modies with different slot distances and sizes
    – dynamic profit
    – safety mode in case of strong pump or dumps
    – alternative profit mode – with the market – for the pump phases 😉
    – manual buying

    – HTS calculates the entry price incorrectly. I use my own calculation of the entry price, but from time to time errors creep in. Entry price can be adjusted. The entry price is only shown in the log.
    – Profit is not displayed in the bot
    – Error message after first purchase, has no effect.
    – I am still working on a better “stop loss” for Profitmod 2.
    – Backtest does not work
    – and much more 😉

    in the next updates:

    – Alternative sell mode for shorts
    – Manual selling
    – Optimisation of the selling mode safety
    I am always open for new ideas! With which settings do you have the best success?

    This version is optimised for security mode. I will publish another one for the alternative sales mode. The options are very different.

    Simple Market Maker
    by pshai @ 2020

    This simple market maker makes the market!
    It doesn’t stop, it has no limits (other than max. pos. size)
    and it’s amazing. Get familiar with the bot before using it!
    I strongly suggest doing backtests and especially running it
    using a simulated account until you are confident that you know that
    this bot knows what it is doing! Also remember that backtests cannot
    represent the results you would see with a live bot; the difference
    is very…different.

    About trading commands….
    This bot uses exit order commands only, but dont be alarmed!
    It is merely a hack that I found while exploring, and this hack
    allowed me to not bother handling positions whatsoever!
    In other words, the bot works well with these; it just looks weird.

    –== !NEW! Hedge Mode ==–
    With this new feature you are able to trade on Binance Futures, OKEx
    and other excahnges that support hedge mode. Enable this mode ONLY
    when you are certain that hedging is supported on your chosen exchange!

    – This bot will not work well on:
    –> Bybit; bot is too intense for their API, dont trade there…
    –> Bitmex; API Incompatibilities
    – BE VERY CAREFUL with fixed high leverage!

    ~~ May the profits be with you ~~

    Consider donating to support my work!

    BTC: 3KBNiSWXLBdkM8s5CKizo9rUK7ViA2PuFA

    BTC: 35KY1GPFtxKoJ6Bzri6sLYQPcmGZhHfRac

    BTC: 1MuMTfRSbVLuBJwz8bhZzhKckoC2iL6dY4
    ETH: 0x0bafde44120a9512e2e57c9e9b996eab3d8bab31
    Binance: bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 MEMO: 105862840

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    • #1953

      nice one, will test it asap ✌️

    • #1955

      The Safetymod was only tested at Binance! Hedge mode is required!

    • #1957

      Moved the Slots into tables so it wasn’t so crammed

      Also put the body of code into a function and called that with optimised for interval – backtesting now works for me

      Also I’m not sure your dynamic slots and open sizes are working, but I could be doing it wrong

    • #1959

      Put the slots into tables and added the main code into a go function which is called with optimized for interval and now backtesting works for me

    • #2301

      tried to test it but run into this error:

      ERROR: Unknown references: CC_VPM

      Any quick-fix idea what that could cause it?

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