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  • Buy command for FEBE.

    More information about FEBE: https://www.haasscripts.com/blog/guides/first-ever-bot-engine-febe-for-haasscript/

    HaasScript Code
    DefineCommand('FEBE_Buy', 'Used to set buy settings for FEBE')
    -- the input for parameters
    local params = DefineParameter(ListDynamicType, 'params', 'Parameters for FEBE', true, {}, 'NewArray')
    -- command related parameters
    local order_timeout = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'order_timeout', 'Order timeout in seconds. Default: 600 (10 minutes)', false, 600, 'Input, Number')
    local order_refill = DefineParameter(BooleanType, 'order_refill', 'Whether or not the filled/cancelled orders should be refilled. Default: false', false, false, 'True, False')
    local order_type = DefineParameter(EnumType, 'order_type', 'Order type used for the buy orders. If MarketOrderType is used, the buy order(s) will execute immediately and will re-trigger after order_timeout if order_refill is set to TRUE. Default: LimitOrderType',
            false, LimitOrderType, 'LimitOrderType, MarketOrderType, MakerOrCancelOrderType')
    -- a little hack to bypass private vs shared resources error
    local p = {}
    for i=1, #params do
        p[i] = params[i]
    p[#p + 1] = {
        's_buy', -- the command for CC_FEBE_Execute()
            -- the parameters for this particular block
            {'order_timeout', order_timeout},
            {'order_refill', order_refill},
            {'order_type', CC_FEBE_ParseOrderType(order_type)}
    -- the output for parameters, for easy continuation
    DefineOutput(ListDynamicType, p, 'Input parameters with added buy information', 'CC_FEBE_Execute')
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