Firetron’s FractionGrab

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  • Grabs a fractional range from an array, list, or table.

    Custom Command Dependencies:

    Test code:

    if not Load('done', false) then
      local list = Grab(ClosePrices(), 0, 12)
      Log(' ')
      Log('Unsorted List:')
      Log(' ')
      local unsorted_3_4 = CC_FractionGrab(list, 3, 4, false)
      Log('3rd part of 4 unsorted:')
      Log(' ')
      Log('Sorted List:')
      Log(' ')
      local sorted_3_3 = CC_FractionGrab(list, 3, 3, true)
      Log('3rd part of 3 sorted:')
      Log(' ')
      local sorted_1_3 = CC_FractionGrab(list, 1, 3, true)
      Log('1st part of 3 sorted:')
      Log(' ')
      Save('done', true)
    HaasScript Code
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