[HaasCloudEssentials] $ USD input value for universal Trade amount/units in any current price market [v4 only]

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  • Credits to Bunka, CZ… and everyone who made this possible…

    Converts user input USD value to coin amount So you don’t have to. Suddenly feel the urge to trade DOGE? YFI, XPR.. whatever ETH?… Spot, futures? Yes, Go, waste no time.. Take that trade. or brute force all markets

    Use a default USD universal trade amount conversion for any market and or script.
    Zap through some backtest markets or live opportunities or use your master script on everything without conversion hassle

    Aside from ease of use it is a very powerful tool and Ideal starting point in position sizing and risk management and testing the resilience of your script in heavy market conditions. forward or over long periods 1-4 week backtesting to see if it can improve…
    Which slots got triggered and filled often, even or skewed to a direction etc when do you really need deep open orders (if at all)

    This is where it starts, it makes portioning your leverage brackets which differ across contracts over several stages almost ….very clear cut..

    Please note:

    [V4 HaasCloud EXCLUSIVE. Pre-Release, This CC does NOT work on v3.!. ]

    HaasScript Code
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