[KOB] EDIT/UPDATE/EXAMPLE: Plot Between the Lines & uses for OverUnder instead of CrossOverUnder

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  • Dependencies Any you find important see screen 2 and find cc in my published scripts,

    Thanks to ratimbum AND his much enjoyed LevedLong scripts I found this old HMA cc and going from the description gibberish assume it was very very late when I posted it or had many things on the to do list before involuntary sleep would stop my productivity..;)
    I had already been secretly playing with his LevedLong adding SMMA and saw today we must have been doing almost the same 😉

    AND that the Hull cc he found https://www.haasscripts.com/t/kob-hullma1-2-3/
    Had a thing you should be aware off as I apparently wasn’t

    So sadly correcting mistakes trumps cloak & dagger and playtime was over..
    Needed to correct this before it spreads, ignorance is a nasty thing So you do as they say ‘nip it in the horns’ ‘trim the roots’ etc

    If you found this looking for my old HMA it is in there remove what you don’t need, add what you want..

    AboveBelowSignal used incorrectly earlier in this script [SCREENSHOT1] a very happy accident that led to this rectification/little nugget of info:

    AboveBelowSignal creates a continuous signal. A bias towards long or short WEIGHTING == GOOD to weigh prevent bad low timeframe entries. Creates a long short only signal (shown in the green red signal enum) during up/down trend directions using weighted consensus.

    This was and still =BAD to generate your entries/exits as you will get many and late..
    But as last needed point(s) to create a buy or sell signal as a [weighted] guide it filters out noise..and prevents bad entries from multiple indicators, if you add enough weight to the filter and 1 or two others need to agree.

    To enter (not too late)
    For this we use GetCrossOverUnderSignal instead!
    Here [the script, Screenshot2]
    I use use both with example a SMA golden/death cross over under and HMA cross for can we goLong? according to SMA golden/death cross that adds the missing 1/3 weighting score to enter and well we can exit on either the peaks or use PTQ

    Also added some plot shapes , very handy to test and see where things might be able to improve, you can disable this at any time.. I suggest you trim any command of such bulk.even if disabled before use.

    HaasScript Code
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      Hi Kobalt!

      Thanks for sharing this.

      I’m getting errors with your HaasScript code: Custom command blocks are only allowed in command scripts.

      Sorry I’m newbie, only a few weeks using Haas. Could you please guide me in how to run your bot?

      Thanks again

    • #2419

      Hey Kobalt!

      Thanks for sharing this. Did make it easier to understand 🙂

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