[KOB_VE_CMD]Easier Delayed Double HullMA (DDHMA)

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  • Delayed Double HullMA (DDHMA) and EasyHullMA
    Used the pre-Easy separate blocks to create the cc for more detail
    Set default index to 0
    Added HullMA Interval to HullMA Settings
    [name, index, interval required=false]

    So you can make easy hardcoded presets of any variation on your settings
    be it default or 22, 14 no delay or a 55 , smaller delayed
    (2x Offsets) You can now add offset to the slow/long and or the fast/short HMA [0= no offset]

    Indicator defaults to (DDHMA) 14,14 +1 (candle) Delayed Double HullMA
    (Part of a recreated strategy but it does very well on it’s own!) offset with different length should be interesting..

    Definitely needs HaasLab testing…

    HaasScript Code
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