[Kobalt] VPM V∆adjuster

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  • Last version optimised for v4
    [[The (InputButtons used) are NOT compatible with V3.]]

    -before merging with virtual actual order interim managed..

    This will be the Virtual adjusting, Never on exchange)
    component for
    Virtual matching, reducing or opening (accounting the virtual profits vs realised)
    To adjust any pre paid offset virtual profits (from enterLong as realised Take Profit on an existing position on exchange and using the wirtual EXIT as an averaging, Take Profit re-enter Short from averaging, price tracking Virtual

    [ idea for this is it will be used in a passive Meta position Tracking Average Entry Price + size.. vs Virtual to improve the ‘real’ not modify the current Actual on exchange position [i.e. maybe enhance the tracking of ∆realised unrealizable Virtual]
    while other parts execute modifications to the position:

    -used with active component
    [that switches reduce? can enter, can exit relative to both aep [
    from inverse short: only place PlaceGoLongOrder on over sold range, can exit above Short AEP (here any long take profits will realise loss below short )
    uses can
    enterLong or is reduceOnly (shortTP)
    exitLong(virtualExit, vGo or .. or enterShort (actualGo or virtualExit)
    ……potential to recursively go fractal haha…
    and vv for short the virtual exits have priority in the event the take profits, were not a very good move..
    but can be postponed to far above short aep if it was a good move to reduce short, close to flatten on exchange , you keep paid option to enter short [above last aep short as a meta gain …

    -opening, closing in between short and long aep[your positions spread should -always- be avoided but are a safety buffer to lock profit against loss – any un filled virtual options… <VPM food for further development]

    in HEDGE you can do either or both or neither.. [;p]
    very fun way to counter any price action, you can take profit on both sides and drop the side that is subtly reduced, with a trail stop lock on it ]

    : Not changing ibut possibly influencing results on exchange position changes only to keep or reset score /adjust for ‘spillage’
    can include an enforced floor/ceiling
    ACTUAL profit virtual (only to match or account against Actual on exchange position(s)

    HaasScript Code
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