Leved Long Scalper V2(Special Thanks to Alex Tan and Kobalt)

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  • A leveraged scalper that uses Bill williams Smoothed RSI (Special thanks to Kobalt) to exit positions and SMA or Hull MA cross to enter long. This bot does not short and therefore should only be used in an uptrend.

    Stop loss with cooldown (Recomend cooldown period to be set to 5x RSI period so it does not re-start on same RSI signal given the smoothed nature of the indicator.)

    Try TF 1 hour for MA and 1.5 hours for RSI

    Special thanks to Alex Tan for figuring the scalping functions 🙂
    Big Special Thanks to Kobalt for posting the example with the GetCrossOverUnderSignal. Made this strategy complete and much much better to work with in longer time frames. Aswell with his update of the HullMA with Heiki candles

    This bot works great with bot hMA’s (Probably even more but havent gotten the time to test them all yet haha)


    SMMA on RSI By Kobalt
    [KOB] HullMA 1 of 2many this triggers signal on CrossOverUnder and uses HeinekenAshi..

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