[pshaiBot] Deribot

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  • Somewhat advanced scalper bot with nice features and settings. And as the name suggests, it works well in LEVERAGE MARKETS.

    At start, bot places 2 orders: Long entry and short entry.

    Once one of these is filled, the bot is taken a position and will either continue to grow that position, or exits it.

    There is also a stop-loss that will trigger at “StopLoss Offset” away from the AVERAGE ENTRY PRICE(*) once the LAST ORDER in the grid is filled.

    If you have any improvements and/or suggestions, please let me know.

    (*) Bot uses HaasScript’s virtual positions to monitor average entry prices. So any manual trades made in the same account the bot is using, will not affect the bot’s actions.

    **NOTE: This bot doesn’t place a grid beforehand, but 2 orders at a time. The idea behind this was to be able to run as many bots as possible, so using only 2 orders at a time per bot was my final decision.**

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