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  • Hello everyone!

    I’m excited to release this new awesome grid-bot script with you! It is a very powerful and dynamic grid-bot that utilizes ATR (Average True Range) for order placement, ADX (Average Directional Index) to limit when and where to trade and it offers a good bunch of settings for you to tweak it the way you like!

    I hope this massive beast can generate you the income you deserve!

    – BASIC
    – – 1. Max. consecutive orders: Maximum amount of consecutive orders. Once last order is filled, stop-loss is activated
    – – 2. First order size: The size of the first order. Also works as the base for next order sizes (see [Order size multiplier])
    – – 3. Order size multiplier: Multiplier for how much order sizes grow, example with first order 100 and multiplier of 3; 100, 300, 900, 2700 and so on
    – – 4. Take-profit %: Take-profit is calculated based on the current average entry price of open position. If your exchange doesn’t offer rebate fees, you need to take those paid fees into account!!

    – GRID
    – – 1. Grid type: The type of grid. [ATR] type uses Average True Range, [StdDev] type uses Standard Deviation and [Fixed] type uses fixed stepping for order placement.
    – – 2. Grid period length: Period length of grid. Doesn’t affect FIXED type.
    – – 3. Grid base multiplier: Base multiplier, controls the distance of the orders.
    – – 4. Grid fixed step: Grid fixed step defines the step size for the [FIXED] grid type.
    – – 5. Grid timeframe: Interval used for grid data. Doesn’t affect FIXED type.

    – SAFETY
    – – 1. ADX period length: Period length of ADX
    – – 2. ADX shutdown limit: If ADX rises above this value, the bot will shutdown and exit any position it has open, using market order. Use this setting to control what volatility levels this bot should trade in. Value ignored if set to zero.
    – – 3. ADX timeframe: Interval used for ADX data
    – – 4. Stop-loss offset %: Stop-loss is offsetted based on the last filled entry price, NOT the current average entry price of open position
    – – 5. Cooldown length (min): The length of cooldown (in minutes) after ADX-shutdown or stop-loss

    “May the profits be with you…”

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    • #806

      Hi, I started to test your script (simulated Kraken Future Accounts with 1 BTC) and I have encounter two questions:
      – I am getting the following log messages: “WARNING: No maker template available for KrakenFutures. Falling back to normal limit order.”
      — Q: Do I need to create the respective maker template?

      – Although the bot is showing +26% , the overall wallet amount dropped to “0.99758157” (from 1.0).


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    • #808

      Hey @Busera.

      1) With simulated accounts there are no Maker templates, so the warning is nothing to be worried about.

      2) The bot reserves some assets for its orders (when it has open orders). You can add the “In Wallet” value with “In Order”/”In Use” value to get the real total (or simply stop the bot and cancel open orders).

    • #809

      @pshai Thx a lot for the prompt reply.

    • #822

      Hi @pshai,

      I am running your script now exclusively for the Kraken Future Challenge, and it generates excellent results. I adjusted the settings based on 8W backtesting, which I update every week. I also use a more conservative setting to minimize the drawdown and not to maximize the return.

      However, once in a while, the script gets stuck (Rather quite often), e.g., it sells only 99 of 100 contracts. In this case, I have to sell the remaining contracts manually, need to clear the statistics and restart the bot.

      Are you facing the same problem?

      Update: Today, during the BTC pump, all my gains were killed because the stop loss was not triggered. I am not sure why the script stops working.

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    • #838

      Hey Busera,

      Are you able to send me more information @ Haasonline Discord server? Anything you can provide regarding this will be very helpful!

      Join the discord server by following this link: https://discord.gg/VxKxgQ

    • #855

      Hi Pshai,

      I’ve got these errors while trying the script

      5. 05 May 2020 23:54:14 ERROR: Unknown references: adjustSellPrice
      4. 05 May 2020 23:54:14 ERROR: Unknown references: adjustSellPrice

      can you provide your support please ?

    • #864

      Hey @BlockHash the script is now fixed. There was a bug on the site which broke the script… It is all now fixed! 🙂

    • #2619

      Hi Pshai,

      I’m using this bot with Bitmex/XBTUSD and I have a few questions:

      – in the settings I set “order size” to 15000 and multiplier to 1, thus I’d expect the bot to always open positions of size 15000. Instead right now
      I see the bot has opened a position of 195000 usd… looking at the position on Bitmex it is saying that margin is “0,0386 XBT (Cross)”, so if I understand
      corretly this means that the bot opened 195000 contracts with 100x leverage, because current BTC value was 53096 usd, so the position value in BTC
      is 3.61 BTC and with a 100x leverage and including commissions this corresponds to 0,0386 magin. So my question is, why did the bot opened
      a position of 195000 usd with 100x leverage?

      – in the safety settings under stop loss I set 0,3%. So I’d expect the bot to close positions when the value of BTC has moved 0.3% away from the starting
      value in the opposite direction of the position that the bot opened. But i don’t see a counter order for this being placed by the bot.

      I’d like to show you the current situation of the position and orders opened by the bot, and I’d like you to explain me if it is all correct:

      current position:

      size: -195.000 USD
      value: 3,6117 XBT
      entry price: 53096.31
      mark price: 53990.64 57114.0
      margin 0,0386 XBT (Cross)
      unrealised PNL -0,0608 XBT (-165.65%)

      active orders:

      order #1:

      size 195000 USD
      order price 52970.5
      filled —.–
      remaining 195000 USD
      order value 3,6812 XBT
      type Limit

      order #2:

      size -15000 USD
      order price 55860.5
      filled: —.–
      remaining 15000 USD
      order value 0,2685 XBT
      type Limit

      So the first order seem to me the take profit order for the position that was opened… in fact i can see the limit is set at 0.3% below the entry value of the
      position (I’m using a take profit setting of 0.3%). But given that there is 100x in the position then I’d expect the value of this order to be 1% in value of the
      position size… so about 1950 usd instead of 195000 usd, or am i wrong?

      The second order I don’t understand it… does this have to do with the stop loss? Can you explain me why it is 15000 usd ?


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