[pshaiBot] MA + STOCH Scalper (with dynamic TP/SL)

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  • Hello peeps!

    Here’s my newest addition to the army of bots:
    Stochastics scalper whos trades are filtered by the MA. Simple but very effective!

    The idea is simple: make a trade when stochastics cross and take TP/SL levels from the time before the cross.
    What I mean is… If bot is entering long, that means stochastics crossed upwards, so the TP/SL levels are taken between the previous cross-under and this current cross-over. The SL for our example’s long position would be the lowest value before the current cross-over, but after the previous cross-under. I can’t really explain it any better.
    But it’s great!
    And dynamic!

    NOTE: The plots for stochastics and MA can seem gonky at times, but this happens because of optimizations in the script! (The indicators are calculated and plotted ONLY when bot has no open positions)

    Hope you have a lot of fun tweaking this one and I wish it will serve you well.

    ~May the profits be with you~

    HaasScript Code
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