[pshaiBot] Simple Market Maker (pshai’s SS Mod) [UPDATED 7th of May 2022]

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  • Simple Market Maker (SS Mod)
    by pshai @ 2022

    UPDATE 07.05.2022 – Added more features, another higher timeframe channel, ATR and much more to give more control over your trading times!

    UPDATED SMM IS HERE! This time utilizing SuperSmoothed average with some dynamic trading ranges!
    This mod of the bot does not support single-position exchanges.

    NEW features:
    * MRC on 2 timeframes
    * Fast ATR with an MA to limit trading during high volatility (namely pumps and dumps!)
    * Helper order trigger to pull AEP closer to current prices if bot happened to make entries too soon at the root of a pump or dump
    * Profit taking settings; fixed percentage or trailing!

    – The new Adaptive Trading Range uses MAIN INTERVAL for its prices.
    – Because of SuperSmoother’s weird values at bot start, the trading is delayed until price goes in the no-trade zone the first time. If you are lucky, the bot will get to start immediately.
    Please fiddle with the settings to find what you like the most!
    And as always, remember to stay safe!

    ~~ May the profits be with you ~~

    Consider supporting my work, or buy me a beer!
    BTC: 1MTEdma4LgdN2hSadRppeZ6PxsyXQNuxS2
    BEP20/BSC: 0x2f052efde92ded10e05e00277f4a5cdfd9c280ca
    (BEP20 address for BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB)

    Market used in backtest screenshots: LINKUSDT Perpetual @ Binance USDT Futures
    Settings used in backtest screenshots:

    [{"name":"General SMM Settings","key":"27-27-4-20.General SMM Settings","group":"General SMM Settings","value":""},{"name":"01. Slot Count","key":"28-28-22-27.01. Slot Count","group":"General SMM Settings","value":5},{"name":"02. Slot Size","key":"29-29-21-26.02. Slot Size","group":"General SMM Settings","value":0.5},{"name":"03. Slot Spread %","key":"30-30-23-28.03. Slot Spread %","group":"General SMM Settings","value":0.382},{"name":"04. Cancel Distance %","key":"31-31-23-28.04. Cancel Distance %","group":"General SMM Settings","value":2},{"name":"05. Minimum Spread %","key":"32-32-22-27.05. Minimum Spread %","group":"General SMM Settings","value":0.5},{"name":"06. Slot Timeout","key":"33-33-24-29.06. Slot Timeout","group":"General SMM Settings","value":-1},{"name":"07. Slot Cooldown","key":"34-34-19-24.07. Slot Cooldown","group":"General SMM Settings","value":30},{"name":"08. Max. Open Contracts","key":"35-35-20-25.08. Max. Open Contracts","group":"General SMM Settings","value":100},{"name":"09. Size Reduction %","key":"36-36-23-28.09. Size Reduction %","group":"General SMM Settings","value":25},{"name":"10. Reduction Order Type","key":"37-37-28-42.10. Reduction Order Type","group":"General SMM Settings","value":"Market order"},{"name":"11. Take-Profit %","key":"38-38-23-28.11. Take-Profit %","group":"General SMM Settings","value":1},{"name":"12. TP Order Type","key":"39-39-24-38.12. TP Order Type","group":"General SMM Settings","value":"Market order"},{"name":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","key":"41-41-4-20.Adaptive Trading Range Settings","group":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","value":""},{"name":"Mean Line Length","key":"42-42-26-31.Mean Line Length","group":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","value":200},{"name":"Range Smooth Length","key":"43-43-28-33.Range Smooth Length","group":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","value":200},{"name":"Outer Range Multiplier","key":"44-44-23-28.Outer Range Multiplier","group":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","value":1.618},{"name":"Hold orders active","key":"45-45-22-27.Hold orders active","group":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","value":1440},{"name":"Small Channel Interval","key":"46-46-22-35.Small Channel Interval","group":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","value":1},{"name":"Big Channel Interval","key":"47-47-22-35.Big Channel Interval","group":"Adaptive Trading Range Settings","value":15},{"name":"Helper Settings","key":"49-49-4-20.Helper Settings","group":"Helper Settings","value":""},{"name":"Enable Helper","key":"50-50-23-28.Enable Helper","group":"Helper Settings","value":false},{"name":"Helper Line Length","key":"51-51-28-33.Helper Line Length","group":"Helper Settings","value":34},{"name":"Helper Size Multiplier","key":"52-52-29-34.Helper Size Multiplier","group":"Helper Settings","value":3},{"name":"Helper Position Size Limit %","key":"53-53-28-33.Helper Position Size Limit %","group":"Helper Settings","value":85},{"name":"Helper ROI % Trigger","key":"54-54-23-28.Helper ROI % Trigger","group":"Helper Settings","value":-50}]
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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by pshai. Reason: fixed an issue with >1min intervals
    • This topic was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by pshai. Reason: fixed channel range multiplier bug
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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by pshai. Reason: added profit taking settings
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