[pshaiBot] Simple Market Maker (SPOT MODE)

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  • Simple Market Maker
    by pshai @ 2020

    This simple market maker makes the market!
    It doesn’t stop, it has no limits (other than max. pos. size)
    and it’s amazing. Get familiar with the bot before using it!
    I strongly suggest doing backtests and especially running it
    using a simulated account until you are confident that you know that
    this bot knows what it is doing! Also remember that backtests cannot
    represent the results you would see with a live bot; the difference
    is very…different.

    –== !NEW! Spot Version ==–
    This version is for spot not leverage!

    – This bot will not work well on:
    –> Bybit; bot is too intense for their API, dont trade there…
    –> Bitmex; API Incompatibilities

    ~~ May the profits be with you ~~

    Consider donating to support my work!
    BTC: 3FRx1EkG4T4izrkaS34xeZHJFK4kQefHKf

    HaasScript Code
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