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  • Hello fellas!

    Here’s a simple trend trading bot that utilizes 3 different timeframes to determine when to trade. There are also different indicators for each timeframe: MAs for high TF, RSI for low TF and Stochastics for timing the entries.

    I hope you find good use for it, or can at least extract some educational information out of it.

    **NOTE**: The default values are scanned using Haas Labs, start of scan was 6th April 2020, scanned for a week-long backtest.
    Screenshot of results for backtest (7th April 2020): https://puu.sh/FulHj/ff4282b9a5.png
    Screenshot of Haas Labs setup: https://puu.sh/FulM2/d934f90938.png

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    HaasScript Code
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