[pshaiCmd] Break Even Safety

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  • Here is a simple Break Even Safety command.

    The inputs for the commands are:
    – Minimum required percentage price change for safety to ACTIVATE
    – Number of rebounds allowed before TRIGGERING the safety
    – Optional position ID

    How it works:
    When your bot enters a position, it gets an average entry price. This price will become the break-even trigger price, once the activation level has been breached.

    An example; we just entered a long position at 100, our minimum % required is 1%. If the price reaches the 1% mark (or the price of 101), the trigger price (which is our entry price) will be activated as a type of “stop-loss level”. Once our entry price is breached after activation, the bot will trigger a signal which you can use to exit the position near break-even.

    HaasScript Code
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