[pshaiCmd] Hirashima Sugita Support & Resistance

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  • R/S is a indicator invented by Hirashima Sugita. The purpose of R/S is to provide automatic Support and Resisstance lines.

    Original author: alexgrover @ TradingView (https://www.tradingview.com/script/GCcUC752/)
    Ported by: pshai

    HaasScript Code
    DefineCommand('HSSR', 'Hirashima Sugita Support & Resistance levels')
    local length = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'length', 'Length of the calculation period.', true, 100, 'Input, Number')
    local interval = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'interval', 'Interval of the calculation data.', false, 0, 'InputInterval, Number')
    if length > 100 then
        LogWarning('[HSSR] Limiting the length from '..length..' to 100. Use interval parameter for "longer" calculations periods (i.e. 100 length with 10min data overlayed on 1min data will be the same as 1000 length with 1min data).')
        length = 100
    if interval == 0 then
        interval = CurrentInterval()
    local c = ClosePrices(interval)
    local ma = EMA(c, length)
    local d = c - ma
    local s = LINEARREG(d, length)
    local x = ma + s
    local d_ = c - x
    local s_ = LINEARREG(d_, length)
    local basis = (ma + s) + Change(s_)
    local add = WMA(Abs(d), length)
    local upper = basis + add
    local lower = basis - add
    local upper_ = upper + add
    local lower_ = lower - add
    DefineOutput(ListDynamicType, {upper_, upper, basis, lower, lower_}, 'Output values of HSSR', 'Plot')
    DefineOutputIndex(1, ListNumberType, 'upper2', 'Highest upper band')
    DefineOutputIndex(2, ListNumberType, 'upper1', 'High upper band')
    DefineOutputIndex(3, ListNumberType, 'basis', 'Basis, aka middle-line')
    DefineOutputIndex(4, ListNumberType, 'lower1', 'Low lower band')
    DefineOutputIndex(5, ListNumberType, 'lower2', 'Lowest lower band')
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