[pshaiCmd] SQZMOM Extended

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  • LazyBear’s Squeeze Momentum command script extended.

    It now provides input parameters for source and indicator settings. The returned value is an array of SQZMOM values instead of a signal.


    local close = ClosePrices()
    local sqzmom = CC_SQZMOM_LB_Ext(close, 20, 2, 20, 1.5, SmaType, EmaType, EmaType)
    PlotHistogram(Plot(1, 'SQZMOM', sqzmom, Green), Red)
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    HaasScript Code
    -- Author LazyBear
    -- https://www.tradingview.com/script/nqQ1DT5a-Squeeze-Momentum-Indicator-LazyBear/
    -- Define command
    DefineCommand('SQZMOM_LB_Ext', 'Squeeze Momentum Indicator - LazyBear')
    -- Input parameters for the indicator
    local prices = DefineParameter(ListNumberType, 'source', 'Source prices for calculations', true, ClosePrices(), 'Price Data')
    local length = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'length', 'BB Lenght', true, 20, 'Input, Number')
    local mult = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'mult', 'BB MultFactor', true, 2.0, 'Input, Number')
    local lengthKC = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'length_kc', 'KC Length', true, 20, 'Input, Number')
    local multKC = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'mult_kc', 'KC MultFactor', true, 1.5, 'Input, Number')
    local ma_type = DefineParameter(EnumType, 'ma_type', 'BB Moving Average Type', false, SmaType, 'InputMaTypes, Enumerations Moving Averages')
    local ma_type_kc = DefineParameter(EnumType, 'ma_type_kc', 'KC Moving Average Type', false, EmaType, 'InputMaTypes, Enumerations Moving Averages')
    local ma_type_r = DefineParameter(EnumType, 'ma_type_r', 'Range Moving Average Type', false, EmaType, 'InputMaTypes, Enumerations Moving Averages')
    -- Calculate BB
    local source = prices
    local basis = MA(source, length, ma_type)
    local dev = mult * STDDEV(source, length, 1)
    local upperBB = basis + dev
    local lowerBB = basis - dev
    -- Calculate KC
    local ma = MA(source, lengthKC, ma_type_kc)
    local range = (HighPrices() - LowPrices())
    local rangema = MA(range, lengthKC, ma_type_r)
    local upperKC = ma + rangema * multKC
    local lowerKC = ma - rangema * multKC
    local sqzOn  = (lowerBB > lowerKC) and (upperBB < upperKC)
    local sqzOff = (lowerBB < lowerKC) and (upperBB > upperKC)
    local noSqz  = (sqzOn == false) and (sqzOff == false)
    local sqzmom = LINEARREG(source - Average(Average(GetHigh(HighPrices(), lengthKC), GetLow(LowPrices(), lengthKC)), SMA(prices,lengthKC)),
    --Return the custom signal.
    DefineOutput(ListNumberType, sqzmom, 'SQZMOM values', ', Signal Helpers, Plot')
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