[pshaiCmd] SuperInputSettings

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  • Creates a settings objects for SuperInput.
    This is required when using SuperInput.

    HaasScript Code
    DefineCommand('SuperInputSettings', 'Creates a settings objects for SuperInput')
    local defaultValue = DefineParameter(DynamicType, 'defaultValue', 'Default value for field. Make sure it is the correct type!', true, 'some default', 'Text, Number, Enumerations')
    local tooltip = DefineParameter(StringType, 'tooltip', 'Tooltip for input', false, '', 'Text, StringJoin')
    local group = DefineParameter(StringType, 'group', 'Header group for input', false, '', 'Text, StringJoin')
    local logType = DefineParameter(NumberType, 'logType', 'Logging type: 0 = no logging, 1 = verbose, 2 = all/debug', false, 0, 'Number, Input')
            defaultValue = defaultValue,
            tooltip = tooltip,
            group = group,
            logType = logType == 0 and '' or logType == 1 and '-v' or '-v-m'
        'Settings object for SuperInput',
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