[r4stl1n] 5 minute Standard Deviation Scalping Bot Redux

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  • Redux

    This is a bot created to mimic the strategy suggested here:


    It is not complete however there is some room for you to implement the take profit and stop loss should be simple enough have fun!

    Note you will need the following command in order to use this bot:


    HaasScript Code
    -- [r4stl1n] 5 minute standard deviation scalping Trading System
    -- This bot is part of my bored and programming series where i pick different public forex strategies 
    -- and implement them into the haasscripts format to be used as examples.
    -- This is a starting version of the strategy expand it to add the stop loss and take profit
    -- Source: https://www.forexstrategiesresources.com/scalping-forex-strategies/8-the-5-minute-standard-deviation-scalp/
    -- You are on your own with this script
    -- ~Bored and programming series~
    -- Some stolen convience functions from pshai
    local isSpot = MarketType() == SpotTrading
    local long_entry_cmd = isSpot and PlaceBuyOrder or PlaceGoLongOrder
    local long_exit_cmd = isSpot and PlaceSellOrder or PlaceExitLongOrder
    local short_entry_cmd = isSpot and PlaceSellOrder or PlaceGoShortOrder
    local short_exit_cmd = isSpot and PlaceBuyOrder or PlaceExitShortOrder
    -- Start of the code
    local currentPrice = CurrentPrice()
    local closePrices = ClosePrices()
    local currentPosition = GetPositionDirection()
    local orderId = Load('orderId', '') -- order id for the ideal exit
    local maType1 = InputMaTypes('MA Type', EmaType, '', 'MA Types')
    local maLength = Input('Ma Internval', 10, '', 'Period Lengths')
    local ma = MA(closePrices, maLength, maType1)
    local maStDev = CC_GetSTDev(ma)
    local upper = Add(ma, maStDev)
    local lower = Sub(ma, maStDev)
    -- The current fee for market orders
    -- Plot some pretty bands
    Plot(0, 'Upper', upper)
    Plot(0, 'MA', ma)
    Plot(0, 'Lower', lower)
    local goLong = currentPrice.close < lower
    local goShort = currentPrice.close > upper
    if goLong and currentPosition != PositionLong  
        if currentPosition == PositionShort
            short_exit_cmd(currentPrice.close, TradeAmount(), {type=MarketOrderType, note='Long'})
        long_entry_cmd(currentPrice.close, TradeAmount(), {type=MarketOrderType, note='Long'})
    if goShort and currentPosition != PositionShort 
        if currentPosition == PositionLong 
            long_exit_cmd(currentPrice.close, TradeAmount(), {type=MarketOrderType, note='Long'})
        short_entry_cmd(currentPrice.close, TradeAmount(), {type=MarketOrderType, note='Short'})
    -- save
    Save('orderId', orderId)
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