Simple HullMA Heiki tradebot (Beyond Special Thanks to Kobalt)

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  • Hi all,

    This is a simple bot only using double hull on heiki MA from Kobalt:


    [KOB] HullMA 1 of 2many this triggers signal on CrossOverUnder and uses HeinekenAshi..

    Things to be noted:

    1. There is no need for a stop loss cooldown (Onless you wish to review it when it does get hit). This is due to the non-continuous option within kobalt script by utilizing the function GetCrossOverUnderSignal function!

    2. The Dynamic stop loss is mostly usefull to protect against wicks and suden big movements therefore, be carefull when setting up the percentage as this gets adjusted bellow the last candle close price! (This means that in a gradual oposite direction movement this stop loss will not be triggered!)

    3. Currently settings of 14 for Long and 7 for Short are being incredibly profitable!! You must change the Main Interval option and backtest for different ones to find the optimal one but Long 14 and Short 7 parameters are performing very well in TF of 15-1hr at the moment!

    4. Enjoy 🙂

    HaasScript Code
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