Smokybot MK3

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  • – COMPATIBLE with server and cloud version.
    – Optimized for HEDGE mode.
    – Suggested main interval is 1H
    – Always start with ALL Trade Settings options UN-TICKED to let the bot prepare values.
    – Test with default values before changing anything to understand the bot.
    – PAY ATTENTION to the log warning if you feel something is off before screaming the bot is not working.
    – Do your own test. Testing is time consuming but also rewarding.

    Using Risk/Reward ratio to calculate size which makes leverage does not matter. For details please read Comprehensive Guide to Position Size and Leverage | by CryptoCred | Medium

    Bot will pause trading when bot P/L hit the % value for the rest of the day and start again on the next day (UTC).

    Bot will stop trading when bot P/L hits the % value.

    Reduce position size by half at certain levels at doubling distance rate. When the 1st level reaches then stop loss will move to entry.

    Bot use crossing fast and slow Supertrend and one of the size reduction signals is position reversal cross (fast < slow for long, vice versa). If you set Short/Long Exit off and Risk Reduction on and reduction size 100% then bot will close position only when reversal cross happens.

    Adding size Halving will make the bot also reduce size in profit while on the way up/down and also moving the SL level up/down potentially to profitable level to make “stop at profit” condition.
    Find your own trading style, play with the settings.

    My focus on creating this bot is for better trade risk management because in my opinion trading is “Risking capital with the chance of profits” which makes risk management comes first.

    As for the indicators or logic or setting, experience and hours of backtesting shows that price waves are always moving differently from time to time. For example you can find a setting that is good for the last Jan-March but rekt on April – June. Hence why the bot has the option to pause, stop and compound.

    NOTE for Tradesever Cloud:
    If you want to do HaasLab please use SIMULATION ACCOUNT

    It is possible to customize the indicators or triggers, with a fee. Please DM me in Discord or for details.
    Hope this bot helps.
    May the profits be with you!

    1. Fixing trading balance calculation
    2. Limiting order size cost to maximum 1/2 of trading balance.

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