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  • Here it is; the humble hunchback of the debugger: LOGGER.

    Logger is a simple class object, which brings depth to debugging.
    You can follow execution paths and trace bugs with precision.

    Installation: Simply copy and paste the snippet to your project! Just make sure Logger and its functions are defined before they are used.

    * Logger:log() – Normal log, as long as logger level is set to [All].
    * Logger:warn() – Warning log, as long as logger level is set to [All] or [Errors & Warnings].
    * Logger:error() – Error log.
    * Logger:enter() – Enter new scope. Will be added to the scope-path when logging messages.
    * Logger:exit() – Exit the current scope. Will remove the latest entry from the scope-path.

    Rest of the functions are for Logger’s internal use only.


    -- normal log msg
    Logger:log('we are in Main, and this only shows when we log All')
    -- normal log msg with color
    Logger:log('logger supports colors as well', Green)
    function doSomething()
         -- enter new scope
        -- log a warning
        Logger:warn('this time we warn something at Main::doSomething')
        -- exit current scope
    -- log an error
    Logger:error('execution stops here')
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