[strvinmarvin] (Snippet) Scan BUSD Markets for Fees and Unified Data Object Example

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  • This snippet takes a list of coins and checks the Maker Fee for them. It also serves as an educational example for how to utilize a Unified Data Object, for which I got the idea from Strooth and Pshai and since implementing a simple version of it, I have found it really helps keep things organized in terms of saving persistent variables from cycle to cycle.

    The basics:

    (1) You load the ‘data’ object at the top.
    (2) You populate it with initial values once at the beginning
    (3) You add/update things easily any time in your core code and functions
    (4) You save the new state at the end for next cycle

    By doing this you don’t need to Load() and Save() individual things any more, for most of your use cases.

    HaasScript Code
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    • #2818

      Have you already been able to try this on v4? (It seems good practice to keep scripts tidy, fast)

      Thanks for publishing this, educational content is much appreciated.

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