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  • This is an unfinished bot. This is the concept. We trade the perpetual swap 1 minute chart. This is meant as a trade assistant and yes, there are more parameters to make this thing absolutely killer but this is the crux of the flow. You can find your own way or we can find it together. I’d really appreciate it if someone could at least get this thing so that it works again. Moved from tested after getting it to work and then something went wrong with the code I guess and boom, no longer recognizes positions and treats them as null. You should be using this and waiting for signs that you should no longer wait for your profit target but rather, remove the profit target and let it run wild to max out those gains.

    Anyway here goes, we are flowing in and out of the 1 minute chart feeding on rebates. The conditions are not always right, in fact, they are mostly not right to have this bot just run on it’s own. IT WILL LOSE MONEY. Slightly. This is a 100x strategy. You read that right.

    We wait for a crossover at the 7 SMA and 25 SMA, standard crossover shit. The twist is that when when that signal happens, we are waiting for buys/sells at the 25 SMA. Continuously moving it to the 25 SMA. This is not a static open. We want the price to move to our buy because we want to feed on the rebate which is 2.5% at 100x of your margin position.

    We then set our targets. .3% limit sell/buy, .3% stop market buy/sell. We either get 35% total upon successful trade or a -35% upon an unsuccessful trade because a stop market is -7.5% at 100x.

    Now, this simply is not good enough. We are waiting for signs that we need to no longer wait for our target to hit because it is impending that our stop is coming. Cross over happens but it’s going the other direction. Boom switch that shit, switch profit target to the 25 SMA going the other way. This ends up adding up to a lot of small gains while we flow in and out because of rebates. lots of 2%, 5%, and 7% gains.

    Now. I need someone to make this bot really come to life for me again. Please help me get this thing to recognize the position as not null in the exit orders. Show me where I messed up. Idk what I did. Or, just take this and build on it. Do what you will. Have fun.

    Btw, this is meant for BTC perpetuals only. The other ones are way more volatile and will require tinkering with settings for them. I’m sure you can build a strategy though off this. That much I know.

    HaasScript Code
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