Triple MA SMA By Ratimbum V2 (Be careful with the signals!)

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  • Fixed the Exit SMA issue by using weighted consensus signal rather than consensus signal. Small change in the signal settings necessary as displayed in the picture.


    Sorry for the mistake and just to brifly explain the idea of the script.

    This script uses 3 SMA’s under different time frames. The Exit SMA is set in a small timeframe and rigged to exit on both short and long signals. This causes the bot to enter a trade on the longer time frame it being Long or Short, and prematurely (I would rather call it on time) exit the position rather than waiting for the cross.

    Any ideas are welcome in the comments. Sorry for the original mistake (Although it did also make for a profitable script hahah) and as usual Enjoy 🙂

    HaasScript Code
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      I found a way to merge those signal management groups , uploading

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