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About WOO X

WOO X is a cutting-edge CeFi exchange powered by WOO Network, incubated by Kronos Research. Launched in 2021, WOO X prides itself as the pioneer in utilizing payment for order flow. Headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan, WOO X offers a comprehensive range of features including zero trading fees, a diverse selection of 140+ spot and futures markets, proof-of-reserves, and rewards through their native $WOO token.

We understand that maintaining trade profitability is a constant challenge. That's why we are excited to offer WOO X as part of our exchange integration lineup. With WOO X, you gain an additional avenue to boost your profit margins with zero trading fees and lightning-fast API.

Deploying WOO X trading bots with your HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud account is seamless. In just a few minutes, you can configure your settings and get started. The best part? Unlike some platforms, you never have to enable withdrawal permissions or grant full account access. Your security and control remain intact.

Choose WOO X and HaasOnline to unlock a world of possibilities for maximizing your trading performance. Start trading with WOO X today and experience the difference in efficiency and profitability.

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