[ghibli snippet] control bot’s position from the exchange v1.0

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  • — Have you ever wanted to open a new position and let the bot manage it (or close bot’s position manually),
    — but did not want to login to Haas interface and simply wanted to do it from the exchange app or website?
    — This snippet allows the user to change the bot’s position directly by making orders on the exchange itself

    — TO BE UPDATED LATER: Currently only opens new positions, if the bot has no open position. Does not close a bot’s position. Can’t flip from Long to Short or vice versa.
    — Important: this snippet is designed to be used with EnableHighFrequency() mode, but will also work without it, with a delay of 4 update cycles
    — The 4 update cycles delay is implemented intentionally because otherwise this script will just mess with your bot’s regular trades (as UserPosition() and GetAllOpenPositions() sometimes desync for 1-3 update cycles).
    — The snippet copies the PRICE of the position entry and also the AMOUNT of the position from the exchange.

    — IMPORTANT: Note that ANY position change on this pair on this account that you manually make on the exchange will be taken into account by the bot,
    — even if the Trading Amount is not the same in the bot as in that manual position change

    — Note that all the variables used inside this snippet are not valid outside the snippet, since they are local (but of course you can change that)

    — DISCLAIMER: you should read and understand how this snippet works,
    — the author takes no responsibility for any losses that may occur from either
    — the user not implementing the snippet properly nor for the snippet not working as expected.

    HaasScript Code
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