[pshaiCmd] Heikin-Ashi prices

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  • Custom command that creates all Heikin-Ashi prices.
    And since loops can be slow, you can optimize and set the amount of data you want it to process and output with [dataLimit].

    Usage testample (set Price Chart Style to Heikin-Ashi):

    -- 0 interval will use current interval, limiting processing to 10 candles
    local prices = CC_GetHeikinAshiPrices(0, 10)
    Plot(0, 'o', prices.heikinOpen, Blue)
    Plot(0, 'h', prices.heikinHigh, Red)
    Plot(0, 'l', prices.heikinLow, Green)
    Plot(0, 'c', prices.heikinClose, Purple)
    HaasScript Code
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