[bunka_CC] “Percent difference between price and MA” [VE]

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  • Bunka’s HS recreation and ENHANCEMENT of “Percent difference between price and MA”, original by HPotter, TV

    – removed absolution, so value CAN be NEGATIVE
    – added selectable MA type (default 9 types available – T3 only to 80 period, others to 200)
    – added price type source (ClosePrices, HLPrices, HeikenAshiClosePrices – use Names to fix em in code and not source itself)
    – added percent limit at once on both directions
    – added selection of plot position index (can be selectively disabled with value 0)
    – added marking candles (disabled with plot)

    original documentation (without enhancements):

    (small updated to a functionality – 25.7.2020)

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