Get Throttled Templated

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  • Pshai’s Get Throttled in Firetron’s command template.
    Added index keys for things to make your charting life easier.
    very much still in development feel free to modify or share.

    Test script:


    InputGroupHeader('pnl: plots & logs')
    local isLogging = Input("isLogging", false, "logs?", "")
    local isVerbose = Input("isVerbose Logging", false, "verbose logs?", "")
    local isPlotting = Input("plot", true, "disable or enable plots", "")

    InputGroupHeader('Order Throttler')
    local min_timeout = Input('Min. Timeout', 10, 'Minimum timeout between orders placed (per slot, individually).')
    local max_timeout = Input('Max. Timeout', 100, 'Maximum timeout between orders placed (per slot, individually).')
    local min_change = Input('Min. Change', 0.2, 'Minimum change in price, represents the point where minimum timeout is used.')
    local max_change = Input('Max. Change', 2, 'Maximum change in price, represents the point where maximum timeout is used.')
    local lookback = Input('Lookback', 26, 'Depth / The amount of lookback for the timeout values. If depth is 10, the highest timeout value will last for 10 candles.')

    local plotIndex = 69 --test different index
    local plotIndexHight = 0.369 -- check if hight gets through v

    ----Uncomment this 'blank string' to see index, Title, index height...
    local plotIndexTitle = 'This index has been intentionally left blank..'

    Plot (-6, 'yourSpace', 0, Gold)--
    ChartSetOptions(-6, 'YOUR AD HERE? donate 0800-Kobalt TODAY! BTC: bc1qz6gw8hje2scfq4wfmgtlfe9h4tgm7u8qzwev29', 0.1)

    local hsp = CC_HighSpeedPrices(1)
    local res = CC_GetTemplatedThrottledTimeout(min_timeout, max_timeout, min_change, max_change, lookback, hsp.high - hsp.low, plotIndex, plotIndexHight, plotIndexTitle)

    HaasScript Code
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