[GnAsHeR] MavilimW – MavilimW Trend Indicator

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  • — Easy Mavilim Trend indicator
    — This Indicator plots smoothed weighted moving average combinations of various Fibonacci numbers
    — a great support and resistance for long term trading and confirmation

    — Notes
    — 1- MavilimW has 2 colors now. Blue signals for uptrend, Red for downtrend.
    — 2- You can cghange the sensitivity of the indicator by changing the first two parameters
    — 3- In the settings you can also add the original version by checking the “Show previous version” button
    — 4- The indicator calculates Fibonacci series automatically when you change the two parameters

    — HINT: first parameter must be equal or less then second
    — Some examples: 0,1 or 1,1 or 1,2 or 2,3 or even 5,5 and so on…
    — by increasing the parameters the indicator becomes less sensitive for buy and sell signals but will have
    — high potential of becoming support or resistance line
    — by decreasing the parameters you can have more sensitive buy an sell signals which changes the color of the indicator.

    — Author/Yazar: KıvanÇ @fr3762 twitter – ported by GnAsHeR twitter : @Eris Kucukoglu

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