Bill Williams Alligator + Timeframe_Multiplier _v1

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  • – Bill Williams Alligator using his SmMA (thanks to Pshai) added Timeframe_Multiplier and Fancy_Plots and ideas to work towards to create some trading systems on Bills Chaos stuff we can actually use…
    This one has been on my priority list for some time, happy to present you my plotting new baby: CC_Bill Williams Alligator (with Timeframe Multiplier)
    This needs the SMMA command:

    Question is is this ready for publishing? Sure as a plotting Indicator.. Why not?
    Well I’d rather make it useful to others while the trade logic it still needs some love and can be done in more ways than one..
    So thought I’d share this command that is basically just a script here first…
    (am looking at a way to signal bands expanding contracting or even crossing/ touching)
    The three stages of trend translated to gator:
    Alligator sleeping: Jaw, mid_Teeth, Lips are together, touching crossing etc in sideways mouth is = closed
    Alligator waking up: not closed not wide open, increasing spread between the smmas
    Alligator getting hungry: Jaw and Lips are wide open = Trending part…
    And make it into a complete Williams system like Fractal Alligator shown here

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    HaasScript Code
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