[pshaiBot] Simple Market Maker (leverage) (long/short setting)

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  • — Introduction:
    — This simple market maker makes the market!
    — It doesn’t stop, it has no limits (other than max. pos. size)
    — and it’s amazing. Get familiar with the bot before using it!
    — I strongly suggest doing backtests and especially running it
    — using a simulated account until you are confident that you know that
    — this bot knows what it is doing! Also remember that backtests cannot
    — represent the results you would see with a live bot; the difference
    — is very…different.

    — About trading commands….
    — This bot uses exit order commands only, but dont be alarmed!
    — It is merely a hack that I found while exploring, and this hack
    — allowed me to not bother handling positions whatsoever!
    — In other words, the bot works well with these; it just looks weird.

    — –== !NEW! Hedge Mode ==–
    — With this new feature you are able to trade on Binance Futures, OKEx
    — and other excahnges that support hedge mode. Enable this mode ONLY
    — when you are certain that hedging is supported on your chosen exchange!

    — –== !NEW! Allow Long and Allow Short ==–
    — With this new feature you are able to trade just one side of the market,
    — or both, or neither if you set both to false.

    — – This bot will not work well on:
    — –> Bybit; bot is too intense for their API, dont trade there…
    — –> Bitmex; API Incompatibilities
    — – BE VERY CAREFUL with fixed high leverage!

    HaasScript Code
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